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If you're ready to invest in a home organization system that will help you get more from life, then you're in the right place. 

The Savvy Space is focused on creating spaces that streamline and elevate your life. We work with you one-on-one to understand your goals and needs, help you process clutter and create a customized organizing system that saves you time, reduces stress and looks amazing.

We know believe the right home organizing system can transform your life, and we’re excited to show you how.

The Savvy Space Core Values

practical home organization ideas


Designing home organization systems according to your lifestyle, habits and needs in a way that’s effortless to maintain.

sustainable home organizing


Repurposing what you already have to organize first, recycling what you don't need and acquiring materials responsibly.

stylish home organizing


Creating organized spaces that reflect your personal style and make you proud to show off.

The Woman Behind The Name
C bed coffee lets chat.jpg

Celia Vrnak 
Organizer Extraordinaire, Clutter Coach, Detail Nerd & Puzzle Enthusiast

My passion for organizing began as a little girl endlessly rearranging her room in effort to find the most function and stylish setup. Since then, I have been organizing for friends and family for years and have always loved helping people crush clutter and maximize space in their home. Having moved 9 times in the 12 years has made me highly resourceful and taught me the value of a lean home and efficient organizing strategy.


After completing my MBA and moving to Dubai, I wanted to start something up for myself. So I created the Savvy Space as a way of channeling my creative energy and helping others experience the life-changing benefits of a well organized home.


My mission is to inspire and empower people to craft the life they want by letting go of clutter and creating organizing systems that streamline their physical and digital spaces. I genuinely love meeting new people, learning about new cultures and crafting custom organizing systems to fit their unique needs. Working with clients feels more like an afternoon with a friend as we overcome challenges together, share laughs and build connections. 


Although I've always been an organized person by nature, I have refined my skills over the years through trial and error, lots of research and years of professional experience organizing. I've been featured on some speaking and media outlets however, my most important credential is that I've been able to create high-functioning, long-lasting, beautiful organizing systems for myself. And I'm excited to help you do it, too. 

When I'm not talking about or designing organizing systems, you’ll often find me working on a puzzle, drinking wine on a patio or awkwardly dancing around a room and making jokes as I not-so subtly straighten and color-coordinate.

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