Download our Kitchen Organizing Guide (AED 50.00)

A step-by-step guide to break free from clutter.

This 41 page workbook will save you time and money by showing you exactly how to declutter and organize your kitchen so you can streamline your space and reduce stress.

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The 2 most common organizing challenges:

1. Deciding what to do

2. Staying organized (keeping the system in place)

Getting organized is hyper-glamorized online. There are a plethora of organizing ideas available on social media but in reality, implementing these ideas can be confusing, costly and require a significant amount of time and effort to keep up.

But what if ...

> You could confidently determine exactly what you need to do

You created an organizing system that is practical and easy to maintain

How would that change your life?

Would that be possible for you?

In case we haven't met, we are Celia & Joti.


We are two fun-loving gals with a shared desire to streamline and elevate our lives. We know balancing daily life, family and everything in between is exhausting enough, the last thing we wanted to do was worry about messy cabinets slowing us down or tidying up before someone comes over. We knew there was a better way to live and became obsessed with developing our Savvy Space organizing strategy.



+ Save time getting out the door

+ Get our family members to help tidy

+ Reduce bickering

+ Eliminate frantic tidying prior to visitor arrival

+ Feel pride and joy when opening up cabinets

+ Save money on wasted food and duplicate purchases

We're so thankful for our business because it has allowed us to help so many others harness these life-changing benefits of getting organized.

Organizing doesn't have to be complicated.

Instead, it should simplify everything.


1. Shifting your mindset

2. Building confidence in your decisions

3. Creating a plan of action

We dive into all of this and more, inside our

Kitchen Organizing Workbook

How would it feel to...

  • Save hours of time researching, pinning, shopping, and trial and error?



  • Create an instagram-worthy pantry, that makes you happy every time you open it?

  • Have an organizing system that's easy to maintain - even when life gets busy?

  • Stop wasting food and money on half-open and forgotten food items?


Our workbook is your first step in helping you make all this a reality!

Inside the workbook...

We've divided the kitchen into 11 manageable sections, from the junk drawer, to the pantry, which you can easily tackle at your own pace. Each section includes: 

  • Task checklists to outline each step and keep you on track

  • Targeted questions and practical considerations to help you make decisions quickly and confidently

  • Suggested categories to make sorting a breeze

  • Simple ideas for storing items and best organizing products to use

  • Space for drawing out your storage areas and creating shopping lists 

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This workbook is for you if...

  • ​You're tired of the constant mess in your kitchen.

  • You know decluttering and organizing your kitchen will help reduce frustration and anxiety in your home, but you have no idea where to start.​

  • You've tried countless organizing hacks and spent too much money on storage bins but never feel like you're making any progress.

  • You've found loads of inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest but feel overwhelmed by all the options and stuck on how to proceed.

  • You wish you had a roadmap or fairy godmother that would show you exactly what to do.​

Organization has the power to completely transform your life.

Discover how you can teduce stress, save money and live better with an organized kitchen.