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Organizing Bootcamp

for Nannies and Housekeepers

You know an organized home will help you and your family live a happier, more stress-free life. But, you need help maintaining the organizing systems you’ve put into place and communicating how you want things done with your helper.


We can help!


This 3 hour, intimate training course is designed to unlock the skills your helper needs to create and manage effective home organizing systems.


We’ll teach your helper the exact steps they can take to create order and reduce clutter in your home using strategies and techniques we’ve developed with our private clients.


  • The value of organizing systems - why they’re important and how keeping organized will make their job easier

  • Basic principles of organizing including sorting and categorizing labeling, color coordination, folding and decanting

  • How to implement organizing strategies in the wardrobe, kitchen, laundry room and kids rooms

  • Key strategies for maintaining order to ensure systems stay in place


  • Coaching from professional organizers in an intimate setting

  • Hands-on training to practice techniques

  • Printed organization templates that summarize and help them implement everything they’re learning

  • Access to video tutorials so they can easily reference folding methods

Please note: transportation is not provided.

This workshop is closed.

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"Thank you so much for training my helper. I'm a bit of a neat freak so was super happy as she applied the knowledge from your course at home and it's made a big change. The OCD side of me is very satisfied as she organized our drawers straight away and proceeded to the work on the kitchen. Very useful course!"

-Suki M.

"My helper absolutely loved your workshop and there was so much excitement in her voice when she came home."

-Aisha A.

"Thank you for today, it was a wonderful experience and I can't wait to put everything into place."

-Koki A.


About the Organizers

Celia Vrnak and Joti Dhillon are an organizing duo who specialize in detoxing and organizing homes. We’re passionate about creating spaces that streamline and elevate your life, that you love and can enjoy.


Our unique approach combines your goals and lifestyle with principles of space planning to create tailored, intentional systems that work hard and look good.


We believe the process of decluttering and organizing should be as enjoyable and empowering as the final result. We aim to take on the weight and stress of decision-making and provide a support system to keep you moving forward, so you can enjoy the lightness and clarity that comes with decluttering and organizing.


We pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built with our clients and our greatest reward is to see them thrive in their space.


We know a decluttered and organized space can transform your life and we’re excited for it to happen for you.


Let's roll up our sleeves, and have some fun!



All the best,

Celia and Joti

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