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An easy system for keeping your linens organized

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Linens are a slippery item that tend to get messy quickly. Especially when trying to wrangle those pesky fitted sheets! But, an easy trick to keep your sheets orderly is to store them in the coordinating pillow case for the set.

How to organize your linens:

After you’ve collected all your linens, wiped down the storage area & edited out anything that’s damaged or doesn’t fit, follow these steps for categorizing & containing:

Separate the sheets into complete sets, which include whatever you use to make up the bed (fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow cases, duvet cover &/or bed skirt)

Fold the items in the set so they’re all about the same size, which should be just a little less than the shorter side of their respecting pillow case.

Open one of the pillow cases for the set & place the coordinating folded stack inside, with the messier edges toward the seam

Fold the pillow case in half, flip it over and voilà! A nice, tidy storage system for your sheets. If you store your linens in a drawer, use the same “set in pillow case” method by either file folding the pillow case or rolling it. Tip: fold the sheets set so they are the nearly the same width & length of the pillow case before placing them inside and folding or rolling them up.

When you return the sheets to their storage area, sort the sets by size and create a stack for each. Unless you have multiple shelves you can dedicate to your linens, you may need to fold your sets so they are more narrow & long in order to fit them side by side on the shelf. So take a look at the cabinet width and see what width you need in order to fit 2 stacks side by side, then fold your sets accordingly. Tip: tuck the narrowly folded set into one corner of the pillow case, fold the excess material on the long side of the pillow first, then fold in half.

Don't forget to label! This can easily be placed on the self or drawer edge. If you don't have a label maker, a piece of tape & sharpie will get the job done.

Linen organization, how to neatly store your sheets

That's it! No more fretting over messy fitted sheets or digging through a pile of linens to find the matching pillow case again. You're welcome :-)

BONUS: How to fold a fitted sheet.

Check out my video tutorial to see exactly how to neatly fold a fitted sheet.