How to Pack like an Organizer

Don’t let a messy suitcase slow down your holiday fun. Keep your suitcase organized and items protected with our pro packing tips.

Use Packing Cubes

Use packing cubes to organize your suitcase, save space, and keep everything tidy and easily accessible. Grouping clothes by category into each cube is the most efficient method of organizing and packing as most of us mix and match tops and bottoms. Common categories include: tops, bottoms, dresses and sets, daily basics (socks, underwear, pajamas), athletic and/or swimwear, and shoes. When packing clothing in the cubes, we recommend file folding or rolling items so you can see everything at once. Also, ensure cubes are full and snug, to keep all clothes from moving around & getting wrinkled. Pro tip: if you're packing for the family, get a set in different colors for each traveler to keep everyone organized. Get our favorite packing cubes from Amazon here.

travel packing cubes

Bras and Underwear

Fold cupped bras in half, invert one cup into the other and nest them together, this will help them keep their shape. Roll sports bras. Fold