Top Tips for An Organized Bedroom

organized bedroom

The bedroom is where we begin and end our day; it is a place for relaxing and resetting; so keeping this space organized and clutter-free is particularly important. It’s hard to start your day with a clear head or enjoy quality rest when you’re surrounded by visual chaos.

The first and most important step in organizing your bedroom is decluttering. Don’t think of the bedroom as a multi-use space, but rather a sanctuary reserved for only those activities which help you prepare for the day and unwind from it (i.e. getting dressed, undressed, relaxing and sleeping). Therefore, you should limit the number of items stored in your bedroom to only those related to these activities. Items related to other tasks or activities, such as shopping bags, tech gear or paperwork, should be relocated elsewhere.

Once you've decluttered down to only the bedroom essentials, follow these tips for getting items organized:

  • Designate a basket or tray for catch-all clutter that comes into the bedroom and commit to returning the items to their proper place once per day.

  • If there are some items you just don’t have space for elsewhere, consider replacing open shelving storage with a dresser or storage ottomans and chests to avoid visual clutter.

bedroom wardrobe storage for stationary and handbags

  • Take advantage of under the bed storage for lesser used items such as off-season clothes, sentimental items or extra linens. This is also a great space to store oblong items that are tricky to store in drawers and baskets. Look for wide and shallow storage boxes to use as drawers so you can easily pull things out. (We love these mDesign under-bed storage boxes because the clear top keeps contents easily visible).

  • A large stylish basket or chest at the foot of the bed is another great option for storing blankets and extra linens.

  • Keep your nightstand limited to only items you use in/on/around the bed (for example: book, iPad, lotion, tissues, glasses, TV remote, phone charger). Where possible, contain small items like hair ties, chapstick, etc. in small bins or recycled containers such as jewelry boxes or votives to keep them rolling around in chaos. (You can find great drawer organizer sets from Amazon)

organized nightstand drawer with drawer organizer set

  • If you don’t have space (or an outlet) in the bathroom for styling your hair, create a hair vanity station in your bedroom by dedicating a large dresser or desk drawer near a mirror for sorting your hair gear. Use durable, heat drawer divider bins to keep appliances and accessories sorted (we love The Home Edit vanity storage collection available at Homesmiths). You might also use a stylish basket next to corral bulky hair appliances if your drawer isn’t quite big enough.

organized vanity drawer, hair tools station

  • Designate a home for your jewelry such as a vanity desk, dresser drawer or bedroom wall. It is best to avoid storing jewelry in moisture prone areas such as the bathroom.

Organized jewelry drawers with drawer jewelry organizers

  • If nothing else, at least make the bed every morning. This is such a simple, easy trick to instantly make your room feel more put together and clutter free. And it sets the tone for room and the day, meaning you’re more likely to organize elsewhere.