Wardrobe Goals


Between moving house and dealing with lockdown drama, this client was anxious to restore order in the critical place where she starts and ends her day. After a thorough editing and sorting session, we streamlined this gorgeous space and created a place for her to easily access, as well as appreciate everything in her wardrobe.


Easy on the eyes


Frustrated with constantly juggling things in order to complete any kitchen task, this client needed a defined system of order. By building on the products she already had, we maximized space and visibility by sorting contents into labeled categories - giving everything a home and ensuring nothing required more than one move to access. 


Making Space


In prep for the arrival of her newest little one, this client wanted to get her spacious but chaotic wardrobes in functioning order and clear some space for the baby. ⁣⁣⁣Taking it one cabinet at a time, we a thorough edit of the inventory - removing the unused & unnecessary items to be donated, sold, recycled or relocated. For the remaining, we created zones to give it a practical flow & added labels for clarity. In the end, we opened a whole cabinet of space for baby gear!

From the client:

"The prospect of preparing for the new baby, space-wise and emotionally, was starting to get me anxious... I couldn’t get my head around buying baby gear I had no space for and nothing in my wardrobe fit me... While browsing Instagram one evening, to forget about the fact I was in total denial about baby #3 imminent arrival, I came across @thesavvyspace. I looked at all the Pinterest worthy shots of beautifully organised rooms she worked on and started wishing someone like her could come, Marie Kondo my house, make space for the baby and tell me it will all be ok... I sent a message to The Savvy Space and a few days later we booked a session. You can see how she worked her magic on all my wardrobes. It might seem futile to some who are going through tough times, but for me it’s been the most cathartic and therapeutic process I have gone through. I finally let go of all my pre-babies size 8 jeans, and a lot of stuff that hadn’t seen the light of day since circa 2007. I found a memory box of family photos I didn’t know I had including pictures of my mother who recently passed away, and me, together, just after I was born... Celia managed to reorganise my house to finally make space for the baby who’s due to arrive in a couple of weeks... I feel a bit lighter and more ready. I can not recommend The Savvy Space enough." - Emilie J., Founder, Stella and the Stars


A Cook's Kitchen

What to do when you love to cook but your kitchen is small? This client had exactly that problem; with no pantry, her narrow cabinets were stuffed to the brim & her countertops over-flowing. Getting anything done in the kitchen was a constant juggle. To get her space in order, we first removed all the cabinet contents & combed through every single item to remove the unnecessary & unused. Next, we added a few shelves to double the storage capacity in the upper cabinets & make it easier to see more items at once. We used baskets & containers she already had & purchased a few more to sort & group pantry items. Then, topped it all off with labels. Now she can easily find & access anything she needs. 

From the client:

"Celia did an amazing job organizing my kitchen! I can’t believe all the things I had that were expired or that I didn’t even use. The way she sorted everything and made it all visible so I don’t have to move everything around just to find a single spice, has been an incredible game-changer. After seeing the kitchen results, I can’t wait for The Savvy Space to organize the rest of my home!" 

- Laura Sierra, Founder, Healthy Choices by Laura


Sorting Under the Sink

Having tried to get organized in the past, this client's cabinet was crammed with bins and bags without a clear system. After editing and relocating non-essentials, we categorized regularly used items into clearly defined sections for easy access.


Declutter & Define


This client was drowning in a cluttered bedroom. So we defined her style, identified what was most important to her, relocated the unrelated and recycled the rest.