Ready to transform your home and life? We’ve got you! Our collaborative organizing sessions are like a date with your best friends. Together we’ll define your goals, review your space, then create a plan of action so you can tackle your clutter and organizing challenges like a pro.

DIY Organization Coaching

Personalized guidance + all the tools you need to finally get organized.

Spend a day tapping into our Savvy home organizing expertise to get answers to all your organization questions and customized solutions for your home. This package is ideal for clients who are committed to getting organized but need guidance on how to create a functional, lasting system that works for their family and lifestyle. Together, we'll review your spaces and provide actionable advice and all the tools you need to edit and organize your home.


How it Works


We asses your goals, lifestyle, needs and home

We'll learn about you, your pain points and needs, then walk through your home (or defined spaces of your choice) to determine what's going to work for your lifestyle and make a lasting impact.


We identify opportunities and solutions

We'll provide answers and recommendations on everything from decluttering and maximizing space to storage solutions and the best suited products for each of your spaces.


We show you how it's done

Building on your storage setup and using our proven Savvy Space methods, we'll get hands-on to demonstrate how you can create a more functional setup, so you have a head start on the transformation.


We create a clear plan of action

As we work, we’ll sketch out ideas and build a shopping list so that by the time we’re finished, you’ll have a blueprint of what exactly needs to be done and how to do it.

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Get more for your investment by conquering multiple rooms in the house in a single session. 

One-on-one guidance and support to help you lift the weight of clutter, reduce overwhelm and clarify your organizing vision.


Tailored solutions that actually fit your lifestyle and space.


Save hours of time researching, pinning, shopping, and trial and error.

Feel confident and motivated to transform your home with a fool-proof plan of action you can immediately start.

Become empowered with life-long skills and habits to help you and your family banish clutter and maintain your organized spaces for good.


The investment for our in-person coaching session is AED 3,000 per session (3 hours). Fill out the contact form to start the process.

Virtual DIY Organization

Get access to the carefully considered systems and meticulous attention to detail of our signature Savvy Space organizing service, from anywhere in the world.


This package is ideal for clients who have conquered clutter and just need help creating a streamlined system, putting the finishing touches on a project or looking to organize on a budget. Send us the details of your space and we'll provide you with a customized organizing plan and all the tools necessary to put it together at your convenience.

This service includes:

  • Email correspondence throughout the project and up to (2) 30 minute video calls to discuss project, answer questions and assist with implementation where necessary

  • Careful review of your space photos, measurements, goals and aesthetic preferences

  • Custom organizing blueprint for your space and personalized product shopping list

  • 30 minute video call post-implementation to review setup and assist with minor adjustments if needed.

Investment: AED 1,500  ($408)

This service is limited to one space per package. Project to be completed within 60 days from start of first correspondence.